Campus visually impaired

Studying in Europe without borders

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a group of blind and visually impaired students from Germany teamed up under the patronage of the DBSV e. V., the German federation of the blind and visually impaired students and professionals. It is our goal to improve the exchange of visually impaired students as well as their national support groups, and thus to promote mobility and Europeanization among visually impaired students and trainees.
Therefore, we are organizing an event with the title ‘Campus visually impaired Studying in Europe without borders’, which is going to take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from the15th to 19thAugust 2018.It aims for visually impaired students with and without international experience.

To be able to realize this event we depend on your collaboration. So we would like to ask you to look for suitable participants in your country and to choose from all applicants a “delegation” (e.g. consisting of 4 students and 1 assistant). We would also appreciate any recommendations regarding potential referents.

The promotion of exchange and networking among students with visual impairmentsis the main goal of this event.

Approximately 20 blind and visually impaired participants from different European countries will be given the opportunity to get to know each other and to talk about the studying and living conditions in their respective home countries. In addition, the event will offer a platform for students to present their own experiences abroad and thus encourage others to plan a stay abroad themselves. For all this, the campus in Frankfurt would offer an excellent environment.

During the scheduled five days of the seminar, the participants will enjoy a very diverse program with workshops covering topics such as:

  • Studying conditions in the different countries
  • Preparations for a stay abroad
  • The latest innovations in assistive technology
  • Studying and inclusion in a European context

Furthermore, information about European support groups and institutions as well as about relevant contact persons will be given. For more information, please find attached the full seminar program.

We are looking forward to your response and your opinion about the level of interest in our seminar among your members.

Registration by mail to:

Campus visually impaired

Studying in Europe without borders

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

Date:15t(Wednesday) –19th(Sunday) August 2018

Registration till 30th April 2018

Registration fee € 100,00

Travel support on request till € 300,00

Day 1

Afternoon: Individual arrival(airport as a possible meeting point), transfer to the accommodation, followed by check-in and exploration of the locality

Evening: Welcome and introduction of participants, meet and greet and social gathering at the bar Day 2

Morning: National help and European integration for blind and visually impaired people:

  • Session 1: Presentations by the participating countries with regard to respective national associations for the visually impaired
  • Session 2: The European integration from the perspective of visually impaired people: presentation of projects, institutions and associations from an external expert

Afternoon: Structured group discussions of study conditions in the participating countries:

  • Session 1: Structured group discussions about the following topics in small groups:
  • Topic 1: Availability of assistive technology and personal assistances
  • Topic 2: Digitized literature: sourcing and sharing of scanned or digitally available publications
  • Topic 3: Assessment modalities and exam accommodations
  • Session 2: Presentations of the conclusions of the 3 topics with all participants: visions for Europe: what can the nations learn from each other and what can be improved?(results will be documented in writing)

Evening: Together against one another: sports competitions (for example Goalball, Showdown and tennis for the blind)

Day 3

Morning: Preparation of a stay abroad:

  • Session 1: Structured group discussions about the following topics in small groups:
  • Topic 1: Choice of country and university
  • Topic 2: Financing
  • Topic 3: Search of a flat and mobility
  • Topic 4: Social integration
  • Topic 5: Necessary documents
  • Topic 6: Contact to the national associations and institutions for blind and visually impaired people

Session 2: Presentations of the conclusions of the 3 topics with all participants (results will be documented in writing)

Session 3: Presentation of regularities and conditions for a stay abroad concerning disabled people from an external expert

Afternoon: Assistive technology and experience abroad progress report:

Session 1: Presentation of technical innovations and recent developments in assistive technologies for studying from an external referent

Session 2: Detailed report from a student about his or her stay and experiences abroad

Evening: Opportunity for the participants to discuss among each other their individual experiences abroad

Day 4

Morning: The EU as a chance for the inclusion of blind and visually impaired people (EU-rights of disabled people, standardization of assessment accommodations, European disability pass, accessible travel and mobility of employees with disabilities): introductory speeches from external referents followed by a panel discussion

Afternoon: German culture: accessible guided tour in Frankfurt

Evening: Cultural program with contributions by the participants in a traditional pub

Day 5

Morning: Final discussion of insights gained during the conference and planning of the next seminar

Presentation of networking possibilities: if necessary via the ICC (International Camp on Communication and Computers) platform for alumni (results will be documented in writing)

Afternoon: Individual departure (transfer to the airport is possible)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Längsfeld
Arbeitskreisleiter Chorioideremie der PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V.
Member of Board of Directors Choroideremia Research Foundation United States of America
Managing Director Retina International, Dublin

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